#19 — Raising The Vibration

March 10, 2022

In this episode of the Alchemized Glory Podcast, I am discussing Raising the Vibration, of our individual selves, of our communities, and in turn, the entire human collective. We are all witnessing pretty incredible times and there are many choices are available to us from an energetic perspective. You cannot go anywhere without discussing current events because it is just that incredible but people are equipped with more awareness and more tools are available to help us shift.⁠

The Root Chakra is what grounds us in the present moment – this is where our power and connection to All That Is is rooted. From this place of grounding, we are able to fully embody and fountain the spiritual essence of our Being in a resourced way. Understanding and nurturing the root energy space is essential to bringing forth our gifts, allowing us to walk authentically on our path, and cleansing what no longer serves our evolution.⁠

‘Raising The Vibration’ will be an evolving series and will unfold in real-time as we co-create the space together. ⁠

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Shanique  0:28  

and choose better. There is another way, you know, a lot of like a lower density, or I really don’t like this term but the 3-D sort of aspects are aggression, me against them, good versus evil. And that couldn’t be farther from the truth. We are one …[music fades.] Hello beautiful ones and welcome to or welcome back to the alchemized glory collective podcast.

Shanique  1:03  

I am shanique, the host and curator of the Alchemized Glory C ollective. Thank you so much for tuning into this week’s episode. Just know that whenever you are hearing this episode, it is the right timing and everything is unfolding just as it should be. I am really energized about today’s episode because we are talking about raising the vibration. But before we jump into the episode, I want to again thank my sister Danielle , so so much for sharing so much wisdom with us on episode 18 nurturing our mental health. If you haven’t listened to that episode yet, and you are interested, it’s available wherever you listen to podcast, it was a really amazing discussion around her path to becoming a mental health care practitioner, how to go about finding a therapist if you’re a client and some different grounding techniques that you can use outside of a therapy session. So I highly recommend that if you’re interested to take a listen to that episode, whenever you have some time. Additionally, I want to remind you that the Alchemized Glory Collectives home frequency is now live at alchemizedglory.co. And we have a newsletter on wellness and inner guidance, goodness information, juiciness, so  if you’re interested in that, definitely subscribe to the newsletter and join the community that way. If you’d like to show your support for the alchemized glory collective, please leave us a five star rating in Apple podcasts or Spotify, which is new to Spotify. So if you’re an avid Spotify user, give us a five star rating there, or wherever you might listen to podcasts and share your favorite episodes with your peoples. So now into today’s discussion on raising the vibration and I say the because we are raising the vibration of our communities, of our families,   of our lineages, and also of the collective once we do that work on our individual level on our familial level, it will inevitably extend out to the world to the greater interconnectedness of the universe. So we’re trying to raise the vibration of the overall experience as humans. And it’s safe to say that we’re pretty much witnessing a very incredible times. And what I’ve noticed is that during this time, we are seeing a lot of consciousness coming in a lot of people are awakening to truth. And you’ve seen that this has happened throughout different points in history, you know, the 70s, in the 60s, when it was sort of like the hippie era and Earth Wind and Fire was bringing in a lot of consciousness through their music with, you know, their songs talking about this serpentine spine, which we know is a kundalini awakening. And we’re just seeing a lot of that resurfacing and just really coming back online in a really strong and powerful way. And as turbulent as it might be. It is also a really beautiful, important time for us to really activate and step into our medicine and our gifts. So that is what this episode is centered around. And I want our collective to be super equipped with more awareness and grow together and learn from each other in real time. But I’ve been asking for, you know, guidance on some of these changes that are coming in and what’s happening right now and I keep coming back to the root like when I tell you it. Videos on the Root Chakra have been following me like videos, articles, I’m reading about it in different books, and it’s just coming up in a lot of subtle and nuanced ways. And recently, actually, like I was washing dishes and I just kept dropping stuff. And I was like, I am not the type of person to just be dropping things like this. So that was just another cue to me that, hey, girl, you need to work on grounding into the earth. And coming back into more awareness in this energy center. And on a collective level, my intuition is showing me that collectively, as a race of human beings, we are alkalizing what it means to exist as a human at this time, and our grounded awareness is shifting. And when I was creating the notes and kind of outline for this episode, I started thinking about that Robert Frost poem that we learned as kids, or heard as kids, but it’s like two roads diverged in a yellow wood. And sorry, I could not travel both. But we are coming up to a choice point. And, you know, at the end of the poem, it says, The Road Less travel might very well make all the difference. And I believe that this is what ascension is that if you’re taking the role that’s less traveled that requires you to have more awareness to do the work, it is gonna make all the difference in our experience here during this time. But it all starts with Alchemy, in the core essence of alchemy is raising our individual vibrations. And I was also like, alright, synchronicity here, again, like, I created the outline for all of these episodes, at the end of last year, early this year. And it’s so funny like that this was something that just kept coming up. Like we need to talk about this, we need to talk about this, because I had no idea what the year would bring. But yet, here we are. And it’s really evident that you know, a lot of different distractions are coming in a lot of choice points, again, to either stay rooted in lower kind of more dense ways, or we can really shift the vibration and raise the vibration. And some of the different topics and ideas that I want to include as part of this series are going to be things that I have used to help raise my vibration and different modalities that I’ve used, which is how I eat healing somatically, which is just another way of saying healing and restoring our central nervous system, which can be really damaged due to outside stimuli. I always see the tweet floating around like we are not supposed to have this awareness of this many people like in the old times you had like your village, and that’s all that you knew it was up like you were tapped in through meditation. So you could kind of like gauge what was going on in the world, but you did not wake up, pick up your phone and just see endless tweets and thoughts in words, it’s really a new way for us as humans. So definitely want to talk about how to heal somatically. And the different techniques that I have to do that are Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT, which is tapping, breath work, meditation, dancing, sound healing, which is really, really good to align all the energy centers, but definitely look into 396 hz for coming into alignment with the Root Chakra, and most importantly, healing the earth and restoring our relationship with the earth through our individual practice. And just showing up and doing what we say that we’re going to be doing, that’s how we really come back into our bodies. But we will definitely explore these topics in depth. And as we explore these topics further, it’s all going to start to make sense and the synapses are going to start connecting and we’re gonna just realize that it really all takes place in the body, and we are no longer in a place where we can, you know, outsource our decision making to external entities. And coming back into the body is about understanding our sovereignty, remaining sovereign, and just becoming fully individuated beings so that we can show up with all of our gifts and really push humanity forward. And another synchronicity today when I was doing my A Course in Miracles lesson, it’s God is my strength. His vision is a gift. So understanding that we have the power of the Creator backing us doing this work, and that we can use our vision because it’s given to us as a gift. And it’s given to us that we can show up with all of our gifts that we have see them clearly and really just become the well rounded beings that we are. So I want to in this episode, lay the groundwork for why the root  is so, so important as human beings. Yes, we’re a mind, body and soul. But the body is an important aspect of creating your manifestations of being present in the world and why being rooted in our bodies can rapidly change our vibration individually and change the vibration of our communities and the world sort of like I mentioned in the beginning. So I want to start by kind of just grounding us into the present moment. And this is going to just be a exercise that is adapted from the Complete Book of chakras by Cindy Dale. And if you don’t want to do the exercise, that’s totally okay. There will be timestamps in the show notes to the episode, so feel free to skip ahead to just the information. Also, if you’re driving, if you are operating any type of machinery, skip out on this one for now and come back to it later. If you are seated. If you are just standing sort of washing the dishes, I invite you to take a couple of deep breaths in this moment.

Shanique  11:38  

And whether you are either standing or sitting, I want you to imagine a beam of light and we’re gonna call it our grounding cord.

Shanique  11:51  

And this grounding cord is going to travel from the top of your head through the base of your spine to the center of the earth. Whether you’re in a room in your house, just imagine this beam of light, again working its way from the top of your head, through the base of your spine into the center of the earth. Now you’re going to picture a white light from the heavens entering your grounding cord at the top of your head. And as this light enters both the grounding cord, it starts to surround everything and it starts to wash away all impurities, toxins and unnecessary energies down to the center of the universe. And as it’s working its way down to the universe. These impurities, toxins and unnecessary energies are being transmuted do the Earth’s fiery core once you feel cleansed by the light allow your spirit and your higher self to determine what elements your body needs in order to nourish, sustain and empower your physical and energetic body.

Shanique  13:33  

These elements could be water, air, fire, cosmic an earth and allow these energies to help you remove any impurities toxins and unnecessary energies down to the center of the earth. As you become filled with these basic elements of nature, notice a sense of calm renewal and presence. Take a couple more deep breaths really feel yourself sinking into the center of your grounding cord.

Shanique  14:34  

And we can release this grounding cord after it’s cleansed our field and invite in a new grounding cord. Whatever color feels good to you. From this place, we can get started with the information. So I hope you enjoyed that that was just a little kind of grounding meditation. Before we get started, I will have a, I will have another root chakra meditation for grounding in our show notes. So feel free to check that one out. But I just really want to center us and bring us into our bodies as we take this information in. I also want to lead that let this be playful like let moving this energy be playful. You don’t want it to feel heavy or sludgy. You just want things to flow fall away from you. So invite in an air  of playfulness, invite in ease, flow and fluidity. And as always, with these episodes, please take what resonates with you what works for your system and throw away what doesn’t. There is full consent here you have, you don’t have to do things, how I do them. And we will all be okay. So that’s the beautiful thing about this work. So, getting started, I want to really just lay the groundwork for what the root chakra is, what organs this energy center is connected to, and how what is going on in this world affects our relationship with our root in how we can or cannot function as fully as we should, whether it’s well resourced, or whether it’s not. So y’all know I came fully resourced. In fact checked here. I was digging through my archive of books. Those who know, know , my addiction runs heavy when it comes to collecting books, but it came in really good use for today. So as I was kind of saying before, I would just kept receiving intuitive hits and downloads on want to just start with what is the root chakra. And from the book the subtle body this is another book by Cindy Dale, the Sanskrit word for the Root Chakra is what is kind of calling in western esoteric frameworks is called the Muladhara. And here a “Mu” means the base so the Root Chakra sits at the base of your spine and “adhara” means support. So the root chakra is the energy center that is rooting and sustaining us in our daily life. And the primary belief of the root chakra is you are worthy of existence. Isn’t that powerful. Like when we are fully in our bodies, we know we are worthy of existing. And the Root Chakra is linked directly to our adrenal glands. It’s also it runs through our legs up onto our shirt like shoulders. And guys video is coming soon. I wish I had some video to kind of pull up my diagrams, but I will put them in the show notes for you guys, so you can refer back to but in a another framework in the hara. It’s like a system that goes down your shoulders, through your legs, it reaches to the base of your spine. The system in the body that the root chakra is connected to is the adrenals or the stress glands. From this energy center you the body sends out hormones that respond instantaneously to stress. The adrenal medulla emits adrenaline.

Shanique  18:27  

And this is the hormone that helps us to respond to this immediate stress. So if it’s not balance, or if you are experienced, hyper aware or hyperdrive in the in this system, you can often experience that feeling of fatigue during the day. And then when it’s time to go to bed at night, you shift back into high gear and you’re unable to sleep. So your system is literally in fight or flight but it also doesn’t know how to regulate itself out of that sort of hybrid drive awareness. So stressors of this can include your job an overburdened schedule, chronic anger, a feeling of powerlessness, worry, fear and guilt. Think about what you’re doing when you start to feel powerless. Is it watching the news, it’s Doom scrolling, Twitter, worry, fear, guilt, this, these stresses are then exacerbated by our diets. If you’re skipping meals, if you’re having too much sugar, if you’re eating lots of processed foods with with additives or addictive things that kind of give you this false high and then you’re out of your body and then you come down even harder. It’s healing these root causes or understanding what the root is connected to. And what it does is that’s how we shift how we show up psychologically, physically and spiritually. The root chakra is also really important because it’s connecting you to the core essence of the earth. And this is from the place from your connection to the earth. You have your body which is connected to your Your mind and your soul, so this is where you gain access to the subtle energy channels that carry life energy throughout the body, which is very important to forming a physical and psychological foundation in life. And when balanced and well resourced, we are able to harness and direct the energy needed to emdure  and thrive in life. So when we call down the different earth elements to kind of wash away things that didn’t belong in our space, we’re now fully immersed in the present moment with our own authentic energy, so that we can now direct the energy to where it needs to go. When the Root Chakra sends its force outward, it connects with the environment and with people. So this is where we can be around people that we feel extremely safe around and grounded around or we can start to feel you know, physically threatened and start to feel feelings of hostility and aggression. This center is where those emotions are held. So the impulses of the Root Chakra are impulses towards honor, loyalty, your religious beliefs, or ethnic conflict. And when you think about it, when you’re rooting into the earth, from the root chakra comes the expression that we are one in the universe, we know our identity with the Earth, we know our lineage. And we know our relationship with the collective. The root chakra is also really important, because this is where our ancestral imprints live. Think about the womb, how we all enter through the womb. So these imprints either can help us transmute different things in our experience today, or the work is also clearing out any things that don’t serve us that we don’t need in order to evolve that we’re just simply survival. But we don’t need it to thrive in present time. The chakra energy is also very magnetic, which is why it is so so important to continuously to be in your power and to not match lower energy pictures as ascension becomes more and more available as a possibility. And then I also want to, to bring in a little bit of the map of consciousness. And the map of consciousness is basically an explanation of different levels of consciousness that range from 20 to 1000. 20, or the lower levels  –  and I don’t want it to be like lower means bad and higher means good, there’s a sense of neutrality in these levels of consciousness, that help us to really understand the range of emotion because we can hold these we can hold one or more of these at one time. So they start from shame, which is lowest guilt, apathy, or lack of concern, to joy, peace and enlightenment, which is the goal, right? And intuitively, I believe that the route went balanced and resource lives at level 200, which is courage. And in the map of consciousness, it talks about at the level of courage, this is where you have the capacity to face fears, or your character defects and to grow despite them. And in at this level of courage, anxiety does not cripple your endeavors as it would at lower levels of evolution. People at this level put back into the world as much energy as they take. At lower levels, populations as well as individuals drained from society without reciprocating. The next level after 200 is 250, which is a level of neutrality, which is also very important, at the root space. This is where consciousness tends to see dichotomies and takes on training positions where the world is so so complex, and it’s not really beneficial to look at situations in black and white. So, taking on that taking on these kinds of positions create polarization, which in turn creates opposition and division. So neutrality instead lends itself to being flexible, not judgmental, and these people have a greater sense of well being, they have an innate sense of safety, and they value freedom and sovereignty. So, both courage and neutrality are extremely important in the root space. Because when we are faced with challenges when we are faced with uncertainty, fear the unknown, we have to come back to a choice that you can make of apathy of not wanting to understand or evolve or become greater, and just kind of stay stuck. But there’s so much more freedom and evolution to be had when you choose to step into your full power.

Shanique  25:00  

Some of the things that you can do to really activate the root is getting in touch with nature, really eating warm and wholesome foods. Dancing, moving, the lower half of your body just send so much lifeforce to the root chakra, wearing the color red, whether it’s on your nails, or in a T shirt, like just incorporating as much red as possible into your space to really ground you, I like to also run my my grounding cord at different colors that feel grounding, whether that is a terracotta color, like the color of the Earth, the clay color, wearing lots of neutral tones feel really grounding and warm to me. All of these things are available to us this is when we can actively participate in the changes that are happening. It does require playfulness, it does require work, it does require a skill to move past a lot of the denseness and choose better. There is another way, you know, a lot of like the lower density, or I really don’t like this term, but the 3d sort of aspects are aggression, me against them good versus evil. And that couldn’t be farther from the truth. We are one and when we understand that we are able to see how can I add to the collective? How can I bring my true gifts, my true nature? How can that come through, I had this thought this morning while I was meditating that the root chakra is all about cleaning up our energy and allowing ourselves to be accountable for the energy that we are putting out. And after 2020 hours, just like that was truly 2020 vision, you can either put your glasses on to see the way things really are, or you can kind of take them off negate your responsibility to show up. And to bring something beautiful into this world. While my intuition is showing me is that more and more, it will be difficult to ignore the responsibility to put your glasses on. And I think as the world ascends, as more light starts to come in, we’re going to have to do, we’re going to have to learn how to transmute more than one thing at a time. And the option does remain, you can stay disassociated. And you can stay out of your body out of presence, or you can choose to raise your vibration, moment by moment. And that is revolutionary us putting in the inner work, raising our vibrations for ourselves, in turn raising our family vibrations, our lineage, our community in our world. So that is sort of the light in the darkness that I have found over the past couple of days that I’ve just been really working with, and meditating on and sitting with. And it feels really good to understand that, this is how you show up, you don’t show up in the in the ways that we were told to because those ways don’t work anymore. They were what we had in the past, but we have better ways of doing the work now. So I can’t wait to dive into this a lot more. I really just wanted to provide a explanation of what this is of why this is important of how revolutionary this work is. And we’re going to start to see that healing is possible. Healing is fun. It’s not always so serious. We can add more playfulness into it. And it’s all divine. I had this revelation that I was thinking when I send my energy that I don’t need this unnecessary from my body. What happens to it when I sent it to the earth and I just had this thought, maybe it’ll resonate, maybe it won’t. But that energy that is now sent down to the earth, the Creator can now use that energy because it’s not staying in my field creating any kind of turmoil or inner anxiety or angst. But now that can be turned into something beautiful and sent somewhere else where it’s needed. Because it’s back to its source, it can turn from darkness to light. So you don’t have to carry around that that heaviness. You don’t have to let your root remain unresourced. You can be resourced you can be well, you ca n be balanced. Moment by moment, you can take back your power, you can stand your ground, and literally activate your hands, activate your feet and bring your energy back to yourself. So

Shanique  29:40  

that is all that I wanted to share today. I hope that you all enjoyed it. I know that this was kind of quick, but we will be discussing these topics more and more. And I just hope that, you know as we weave this Web, it’ll start to make a lot more sense on how as fully integrated human beings, we can create really meaningful and powerful change. So let me know what you guys think of this episode. Send me a message on Instagram, we are at alchemizedgloryco over there, send me an email contact@alchemizedglory.co. If you’d like to connect that way, leave us a five star rating on Apple podcasts or Spotify. And share this with someone that you think might like this information. And also share information with me that you come into, because I feel like we’re all activating right now we’re all choosing one way or another, what is what? And there’s so many choices. So I hope that resonates with someone. That’s all I have for this week’s episode. I will see you all back here in the next two weeks. And until then, take good care and be well. Peace.

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