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our vision at the alchemized glory collective is to cultivate community centered around mindfulness, resourced awareness and inner guidance knowledge. we are here to help provide the mindfulness tools and resources, as we collectively embark on this journey to create the outer world of our dreams by awakening our inner wisdom. 

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The Alchemized Glory Collective was created as a space to honor the alchemy of change. Through fostering conversation and community, the mission of the Alchemized Glory Collective is to support transformation of the mind, body, and spirit through the work of alchemy which is founded on transformation, inner liberation and change. A wellness and inner guidance podcast, AGC is focused on curating discussions on inner guidance, holistic wellness, spiritual practice and stories of those navigating uncharted territory in their paths. AGC recognizes that every experience deserves honor and space to inspire, heal and propel the collective forward.

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Happy Winter Solstice! The Solstice is a beautiful time to acknowledge the quieting and stillness nature is embracing. As we are reflections of nature, this time can be profound in slowing down, listening to the heart, and grounding. In this solo episode of the Alchemized Glory Podcast, I am discussing Raising the Vibration through updating […]

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"for people and the planet"

Relationship goals: entanglement ed.

deflecting the programming

featuring Ana Duque and Karen Mejias of The Heal Room, the first Zero Waste and Wellness shop in Rhode Island. The Heal Room is a safe space to eco-shop and educate yourself to heal your body and our planet.

we talk about the idea of "Relationship Goals" and what is it truly NOT. relationships are about human connection but the true essence of relationships has been distorted and popularized by what we see in the media.

This week, we are discussing the ideas on perception and perspective. As we become fully integrated beings seeking an elevated being and ascension, it will become increasingly important to understand the perception.

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shanique is a well-being proponent based in the creative capital, providence, rhode island. shanique has carved out a path in the corporate world where she works in accounting but always felt a calling to understanding what creates the underlying fabric of life. this calling has led shanique to actively integrate spiritual and wellness practices into her daily life. whether through fasting, meditation, inner work, and journaling, shanique whole-heartedly believed that there needed to be a space for others fostering these practices to share all they have learned with others in the collective.

the alchemized glory collective seeks to empower beings to cultivate and foster strength of mind and heart through the healing arts of meditation, mindfulness, and subtle energy practices. 

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