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On this week’s episode of #AlchemizedGlory, I am joined by Ana Duque and Karen Mejias of The Heal Room, the first Zero Waste and Wellness shop in Rhode Island. The Heal Room is a safe space to eco-shop and educate yourself to heal your body and our planet. Ana and Karen are two women minority business founders and long-time friends. This magical shop is packed with zero waste items, the biggest refill station in Rhode Island, an herb bar, healing books and tools and so much more!

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On this week’s episode of the AGC podcast, we are stepping into our self-care and rest state bag. As this year comes to a conclusion, it is beneficial to take time to rest and go inward to fully see the vision forward. There is power and clarity in rest and I wish this for our community.

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how she connects with God in her gift of writing and how her writing has healed herself and her community. Please support my sister, @Willi.ette by purchasing “Wifefee$” on Amazon today. ⁠

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This year has been the awakening we all needed to live our lives as we were called to live them. Our goals are the vehicles we use to get to where we want to go. Join me as we discuss energy, laws of the universe, and subconscious hard-wiring and explore ways to hack these energies to live the life we are called to live in abundance!

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I am joined by Enid Hoff, Financial Coach. Enid was propelled and inspired by the “Dave Ramsey Method” to pay off $22,000 of (mostly student loan) debt in 13 months. Enid saved an $1,000 Emergency Fund, paid all $22,000 of her student loan debt, and is now onto step 3 which is paying saving 3-6 months of expenses.

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State-Rep Ranglin Vassel and I talk more about Black liberation and expression in the form of poetry. State-Rep Ranglin Vassell is a published author of Journeys: A Collection of Poems About Life, Love, Faith and Determination. She shares some unreleased poems related to the racial uprising and disparities unveiled during 2020.

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As we become fully integrated beings seeking an elevated being and ascension, it will become increasingly important to understand the perception and perspective. Through this lens, we are able to view the world and worldview clearly. Getting to know ourselves through the practice of embodiment is a way that we can combat disillusionment politics and the falsehood driven by manipulative perception.

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State Rep, Marcia represents House District 5, in Providence, Rhode Island. In the midst of this upcoming election season, it’s important to learn who the elected officials that represent our communities are. State Rep, Marica has tirelessly worked for the communities as an advocate, educator, mentor, and in so many other capacities and over the last four years, has been the voice of working families all over Rhode Island, introducing equitable legislation to propel our communities forward. I hope you are as inspired by State Rep, Marcia Ranglin-Vassell as I am. 

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This week on #NoVisuals (presently known as Alchemized Glory Collective), the conversation on ‘Relationship Goals’ continues – this time the self-love edition! It all starts with us, individually with self-love. With my (Shanique’s) birthday right around the corner, I’m reflecting on my journey back to self and really discovering who I am and who I want to be! 

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